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Gellu Naum, Fox Hunt

On my limping horse I was going to the fox-hunt
I knew one an elegant one with a veil across her face
she was wearing her own fur over her shoulders
she was a yellow reddish wraith
running between the start & the end across a pale green meadow

back then when nature was much in evidence
I was going to her lair; was shouting from outside
“here is my limping horse with pale green hair          
he entered in through your window & is lounging on your bed
I can hear him laughing from outside if I catch him I’ll kill him
right in front of you I’ll kill him
I can hear him neighing & you are pampering him & giving him cinnamon
& he will dirty your bed with his black horse shit                  
I know you’re a good girl bring him out so I can kill him
afterwards we’ll go out on the town, it’ll be on me              
know that I am your friend from childhood know that we stayed together
                                  for a long time in a room in the woods
from there we could see deep into the fabric of nature
into a space emptied of syntax
know that I loved you & had tears in my eyes
that I wore a veil so no-one would notice”

I was standing in front of the lair shouting in from outside
“know that I am your friend from childhood
let me introduce myself, I am lieutenant Varlam
Agathodaimon in the market buying salt & bread
know that I came with my shotgun to hunt you
& my limping horse got inside your lair through the window
have him come out just for a moment so I can kill him
& then come out with me on the town, treat’s on me”

then I opened the door & went in the lair                                  
it was damp there & cold & dark, with no fire
& the species continued to proliferate           

                                                           (October 1986, room 3 003) 

Translated from the Romanian by
Stephen Watts & Claudiu Komartin

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