marți, 28 mai 2013


for Alexandra

the sun is cobalt when it rises from the body and shines
above the reefs
and my weathered brain on which unknown birds
alight is cobalt
the resistance to compromise and apathy
always has been cobalt
and the nocturnal fear I wanted to
beat as if it were a stubborn animal
is cobalt
the hand I’m writing with on a increasingly distant screen
is cobalt
and my stretched compact muscles sweating
with joy and anxiety face to face with love
are cobalt
and the faint refined tremor that poetry
still awakens in me
is cobalt
a mother’s slow forgiveness is cobalt
the leaf fallen on the sheen of the water
in which a friend dreamed of finding his calm
is cobalt
the need for you was and is still
and the old innocence of the poets who transcribed
appeasing verses that I cannot get
out of my mind
is cobalt
there are worlds with tiny skies and
these are happy worlds
in which memory is hope
and before all else wounds are healed
there are worlds in which no-one sells anyone else
and the presentiment of this
is cobalt
and when we speak to each other of love again
dont believe a word of it
my cobalt eyes will reveal
to you
everything on
that day.

translated by Stephen Watts & Claudiu Komartin

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