marți, 22 septembrie 2015

Geo Bogza, „Outrageous Poem”

varianta lui Stephen Watts și a mea la Poem ultragiant

In one of my nights I made love with a maid
It was all very sudden – and almost without my will.
It happent somewhere in a dirty provincial town
And I was staying in my childhood friend’s.

One evening I wandered out alone – and when I got back
The maid was making my bed.
She was young and dark-skinned
She told me everyone had gone out for a walk
She smiled
And passed close to me countless times.

I was torn apart that evening and had no urge to make love
But the maid was young
I don’t think she could’ve been more than sixteen
And since she was sat by the bed and seemingly waiting
I came close to her and asked her her name.

She told me some ordinary name,  it may’ve been Maria
I told her she was beautiful, she made out she was shy,
It must’ve been about midnight
The confused sounds of the town found their way in through the open windows
Somewhere out there, theatres, cinemas, splendid women and vehicles
Here, just the maid and me;
She said nothing she just closed her eyes.

She was short the maid, and almost tubby
And she smelled badly of sweat.
Oh, maid with whom I made love in a dirty provincial town
When I was in pieces and your masters were not at home
Maid who I have never seen again
Maid with two red garter-marks on your calves
Maid with a belly smelling of onion and parsley
Maid with your sex like a stew of aubergines
It’s about you I’m writing this poem
So as to madden the bourgeois girls in their envy
And to scandalise their honorable parents
Because even though I slept with them countless times
I don’t want to sing of them
And I piss on their powder puffs
Their lingerie
Their pianos
And on all the other accessories that go to shape their beauty. 

Translated from the Romanian by
Stephen Watts & Claudiu Komartin

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