luni, 2 ianuarie 2012

Geo Bogza, Essay

How beautiful it was in piatra neamț
The air sharp as the words in a poem by geo bogza
And the mountains ruffled after the last storm
Like some while ago on the rough heights of the carpathians
At the bratocea pass with its jagged cliffs
Where the shepherd i met was masturbating in the open air
And his dogs were licking the sperm off the rock

He was beautiful that shepherd and how chaste
There on the rough heights of the carpathians
He was showing the pure way he knew to make love
The seed, like spit, fell on the rock: splat
The sheepdogs were swallowing it greedily
Nothing was left behind
And everything was so beautiful, so pure.

Translated from the Romanian by
Stephen Watts & Claudiu Komartin

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  1. Bogza... Ce bucurie sa l recitesc, ce traducere rafinata... Tu si Stephen ar trebui sa fiti inchisi intr o camera mare si luminata, cu 2 de mii de volume de tradus, trei bucatari de import si sapte butoaie de Murfatlar... Noi venim cu flori, fete, filme si cantareti...